Hotels/Ryokan in Nikko area LIST

Nikko Senhime-monogatari Inn

★Hotel provides japanese style service and great location.
Nikko Senhime Monogatari, the modern Ryokan, is drawn on the concept of good old glamorous Japanese beauty.
You will receive very generous hospitality, and have relishable Japanese dining with varying seasonally. Moreover, each guest room faces the Otani River; you wil be relaxing any time you are staying at the Hotel.

Nikko Tokanso

Nikko Tokanso is the perfect place to breathe in the great history
of Japan; the location of this wonderful Japanese-style hotel is on
the ground of the Nikko Toshogu shrine, a world heritage site.
As the hotel's slogun, "The former home of a feudal lord," the service
of hotel staffs has a very good reputation from customers.

Hotel Natural Garden Nikko

Hotel Natural Garden Nikko is located near the shrines and
temples of Nikko, which have been designated as world heritage
It is only a few of Western-style hotels in Nikko, and nocturnal illumination at the hotel creates a romantic and fantastic scenery.

Nikko Green Hotel Natsukashiya Fuwari

With the catch phrase, "Memory of Sweet Hometown," the hotel,
Nikko Green Hotel Natsukashiya Fuwari, is holding a
variety of good-surprising events with the staffs' whole heart.
Idyllic setting with the staffs' warm-hospitalities makes a very good impression of good old Japanese life. You may feel a tremendous
relief at the hotel.

Koduchinoyado Tsurukame Daikichi

Tsurukame Daikichi is very best located for sightseeing;
Only 3min walk to Toshogu Shrine. Plus, the concept and idea
of the hotel is very unique: "the hotel that brings customers' good fortune." Moreover, the hotel's char-grilled Japanese Cuisine has garnered high praise. You will find you have never stayed at such
a fun-filled Hotel.

Hotel Seikoen

Hotel Seikoen is a Japanese traditional hotel, located on the ground
of the Toshogu Shrine; you may enable to go to the Shrine for only 5min
walk. Besides, You will be impressed with the beautiful view from the bathing area; Open-Air bathes are located in the Hotel's Japanese garden.

Nikko Lakeside Hotel

Nikko Lake Side Hotel is a comfortable hotel on theshore of
Lake Chuzenji.Since 1894, numerous people have been here for relieving days' fatigue. The Hotel takes great pride in Western Style guest room and a fine French dinner. None the less to say, sodium
sulfate and hydrogen sulfide mixured Onsen is favorable notice
amongst all kinds of users as treating rheumatism and diabetes.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Founded in 1873, the Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the oldest western-style resort hotel in Japan.
Rooms are spacious and have Comfortable beds and functional bathroom.
Back then, many very important guests visited this resort hotel : Dr. Albert Einstein , Helen Keller , Frank Lloyd Wright, also the Emperor of Japan.
You can feel the history of the hotel from the stately building.
Very conveniently located very close to Toshogu shrine, the world heritage site.