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  • Culture

    Aizu's Extraordinary Scenic Viewpoint Tour

    A tour around popular scenic viewpoints in the Okuaizu area.
    View Point①:【Tadamigawa Bridge No. 1】
    The Tadami line railway only runs six trains a day, and of all the bridges it crosses the most popular is the arched bridge No. 1. Easily accessed on foot from the Ozekaido Mishima Juku Roadside Station, the dynamic view changes according to the season and time of day.
    View Point②:【Mugenkyo boat crossing】
    The traditional wooden row-boats that the villagers use to cross the river have been revived for visitors. The name “Mugenkyo” means “Mystical Foggy Ravine”, and on an early summer morning, when the mist hangs over the water, the view from your boat as it paddles quietly along is indeed out of this world.

  • Time period:1 Apr.2020~23 Nov.
  • Massively popular! Aizu Railway train operating experience

    "Get a feeling of train operators!" Hugely popular train operating experience in Aizu Railway. It's a very popular plan that reservation of the plan scheduled for the year is filled as soon as it is released every year. We would like to inform you of the event with specially increased days to be held this time. Participation of ladies and children in the event id available at ease due to polite instructions provided by active operators and conductors as well. The plan is full of special feeling such as specially made lunch box for you to eat on the train and visiting tour of rail yard that you cannot observe usually.

  • Time period:1 Mar. 2020~30 Apr.
  • Making Traditional Craft with Japanese Paper in Kyoto

    Wagasa, Japanese traditional umbrella, was used as a daily necessities in the middle Edo era and is used in Kabuki performance and Nihon Buyo, Japanese Traditional performance today. In this activity, you can enjoy learning how to make Wagasa. It is made of natural materials like Washi; Japanese traditional paper, bamboo and wood. Each craftsman for each process make up an umbrella carefully. You can craft one of two plans at Hiyoshiya which is the only workshop of Wagasa in Kyoto.

  • Time period:1 Apr.2020~23 Nov.
  • Enjoy Japanese culture at the old Zen temple in Miyajima

    Experience Japanese culture at one of the most popular sightseeing places in Japan

  • Time period:1 Apr.2020~30 Sep.

  • Learning Japanese Calligraphy and
    Make Your Unique Calligraphic T-shirt!

    In this lesson, you can learn what calligraphy is and experience what is it like. In the last of the class, we make a T-shirt your calligraphy work is printed on.

  • Time period:1 Apr.2020~30 Sep.
  • Japanese Cooking Lesson

    ~ Anime Characters Bento / Japanese Dishes ~

    Shopping, Sightseeing, Dining… how about Cooking in Japan?

    Japanese cooking is famous for its seasonality and inspiration.
    Now, you can try to make your own Japanese dish in a local and tourist-friendly environment at Cooking Studio WashoCook!

    Good reputation among foreign participants!

    Lesson will be conducted in English!

    English recipe are available!

  • Time period:1 Apr.2020~30 Sep.

  • Anime Characters Bento      Japanese Dishes

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      We offer variety of day tours including Tokyo Skytree observation deck (350m&450m) tickets,such as Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE® and more to enjoy 1 day in Tokyo.

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    Hakone1day Trip by Odakyu Line

    • odakyu ABOUT THIS TOUR

      1: This tour does not include a tour guide and guests will travel by themselves.
      2: On the day of tour, guests need to exchange the voucher with the tour tickets at Shinjuku Station
      3: Enjoy going around Hakone as you like by referring to 3 model courses written on the Hakone Travel Guide Book given on the day of departure.

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    • Tobu Railway is selling 2 types of TOBU Discount Passes; therefore, the choice depends on where to go and various reasons.

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