How to get to the TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA

How do I get to Asakusa?


Asakusa is within Taito District, on the east side of Tokyo.
Asakusa Station is served by the following lines, Tobu Skytree Line,Toei Asakusa Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and the Tsukuba Express Line.

  • •From Ueno area
  • Go to Ueno Station, The Ginza Line's color is orange, Follow the sign and go down the stairs, there are ticket gates to the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
    Get on a Tokyo Metro Ginza Line train bound for asakusa, and get off at asakusa(last stop).
  • •From Ginza area
  • Go to Ginza Station, Follow the sign and go to the second basement level, and get on an Asakusa-bound train. Asakusa is the last stop.
    Alternatively, you could take an Asakusa-bound train on the Toei Asakusa Subway Line from Higashi-Ginza Station. Again, Asakusa Station is the last stop.
  • •From Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and other areas of West side of central Tokyo Take the JR Yamanote Line to JR Ueno Station.
  • Arrive at the station, once out of the ticket gate (Central exit), Follow the sign and go down the stairs.
    Then transfer to an Asakusa-bound train on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. The last stop is Asakusa Station.

Where in Asakusa is the TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA located?

Tobu Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA
Address:1-4-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours:7:20a.m.~07:00p.m.
All year round
Multilingual support:English, Chinese, Korean,Thai, Japanese (not always available)

About purchasing tickets

My itinerary isn't finalized yet. Can I buy same-day passes and limited express train tickets after arriving in Japan?

Of course. You can buy same-day passes and limited express train tickets at TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA.
However, because the limited express may be full (sold out) on busy travel days (such as holiday weekends, particularly in autumn), we recommend buying those tickets in advance on this web site if you know your itinerary. In addition, lodgings can be booked only through this web site.

I will be going to Japan very soon. Is it too late to buy a pass online?

You can purchases passes online no later than 2 days in advance.
If you plan on going less than 4 days from now, please buy them at the TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA.

Can I pay by credit card at the Tobu Sightseeing Service Center?

Yes, VISA and Master are acceptable on our online system.
If you purcahse one at our stores/ information centers, major credit cards are aceptable.
*Please make sure that we CANNOT aacept AMEX for your payment.

I will be traveling with my Japanese friend. Can he buy a pass, too?

These passes are international travelers ONLY. we do have other passes for Japanese.

Changes and refunds, etc.

My plans changed after purchasing a pass or ticket. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are handled at the TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA in Asakusa Station.
However, a fee of 220 yen is charged for refunds on unused valid passes. Also, a fee of 100 yen is charged for refunds on unused limited express tickets if you request the refund before departure time.(However, these rules do not necessarily apply in cases of cancellation due to typhoon or power outages, etc.)

I missed my scheduled limited express train. What can I do?

Unfortunately, after departure time no refund can be issued on limited express tickets.
Please buy a limited express ticket for another train.

My plans changed while I was in Nikko-Kinugawa. I bought my return limited express ticket at the same time as my pass.
Can I reschedule?

Unfortunately, no changes can be made on special discount tickets purchased together with a pass at the Tobu Sightseeing Service Center.
Instead, you can purchase a new limited express ticket at the regular fare at a Tobu train station in Nikko-Kinugawa, then have station personnel stamp your original unused discount limited express ticket with proof of non-use (non-boarding) prior to your ticket’s departure time, then take the stamped ticket to the TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA, where the staff will issue a refund, minus a 100-yen fee.

Details about passes

I plan on going to Nikko twice while the pass is valid. Can I use the pass twice?

The train ticket portion includes only one round trip between Asakusa and Shimo-imaichi. Consequently, if you plan on going to Nikko twice, you have to pay the train fare again. However, the ticket is still valid for trains and buses beyond Shimo-imaichi, so you can use it for those.

What other discounts come with the pass?

There are discounts on admission to various locations in the Nikko-Kinugawa area.
Also, there is a 10% discount on any souvenirs you buy at stores in Nikko-Kinugawa displaying this symbol.

Getting to Nikko-Kinugawa

What's the difference between a limited express (Tokkyu) and a rapid (Kaisoku) or section rapid (Kukan Kaisoku) train?

On a limited express, all seats are reserved, and in addition to your pass you will also need to buy a limited express ticket.
The limited express to Nikko-Kinugawa is the luxurious "SPACIA, "which has on-board food sales and private compartments. It's also the fastest way to get to Nikko-Kinugawa. Fares for the rapid trains are included in your pass. All seats are unreserved. After the limited express, it's the second-fastest train to Nikko-Kinugawa. You can also board section rapid trains with your pass, and again, all seats are unreserved.
Please note that the section rapid trains take longer than the limited express and rapid trains to travel to Nikko-Kinugawa.If you take the rapid (Kaisoku) or section rapid (Kukan Kaisoku) train to travel to Nikko, please board the first two cars of the train. At Shimo-imaichi Station, the first two cars will be decoupled and proceed to Nikko, while the rest of the train proceeds to Kinuggawa Onsen (Hot Springs).

I want to take a limited express to Nikko. Does the "Kinu" go to Nikko?

The only direct train to Nikko is the "Kegon." If you want to take the "Kinu," you have to change trains at Shimo-imaichi. (There are connecting trains there for all limited expresses.
Transferring is easy, however, since you board connecting trains on the other side of the same platform where you disembark.)