Hotels with open-air bath LIST

Kinugawa Kanko Hotel

Located along Kinugawa river, Kinugawa Kanko Hotel is the finest
retreat for those who are surviving stressful life in the big city.
Reconsulted Onsen is amzing with created a fusion of Japanese culture and Western culture; 6 open-air bathing areas:
2 for men / 4 for women!
If you go to Kinugawa for the first time and do not know where you are supposed to stay, Just try here!

Honke Bankyu

Founded in 1666, Honke Bankyu is one of the oldest and
best preserved Japanese style hotels in the spot of the Heike
Clan’s legend.The hotel is very quaint Japanese-style architecture
with a great elegance, and has a lot of unique items such as irori
(open hearth). You will be impressed with interesting old Japanese style barbecue dinner, named "Okaribayaki." Of course, for enjoying
and admiring the beautiful natures, the hotel is just perfect; the place
is full of beautifully colored leaves in each season, and is covered snow in winter. Over 380 years old great hideaway will fulfill all guests' desire.

Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa

Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa is located next to the long suspension bridge, named “Kinu Tateiwa Long Suspension Bridge,” which opened
on July of 2009. Since all guest rooms are faced to the valley, you can
enjoy the beauty of nature.

Kinugawa Grand Hotel - Yumenotoki -

Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yumenotki, the 5 star hotel, is
located at only 8min-walk from Tobu Kinugawa Onsen Station.
Not only its convenient location helps to attract visitors, but also
its wonderful Japanese service, called "Omotenashi," acquires
a great reputation.Plus, the hotel has a wonderful Japanese
traditional garden so that you will enjoy the Onsen with seeing
great view of good old glamorous Japanese beauty.

Nikko Tokanso

Nikko Tokanso is the perfect place to breathe in the great history
of Japan; the location of this wonderful Japanese-style hotel is on
the ground of the Nikko Toshogu shrine, a world heritage site.
As the hotel's slogun, "The former home of a feudal lord," the service
of hotel staffs has a very good reputation from customers.

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel

With pure luxury of the Japanese-style hotel, Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel is located in the midst of great Onsen town, named Kinugawa Onsen. The hotel newly opened in October of 2005 after remodeling all facilities, and the hotel offers both Japan’s hospitality and relaxation with good old Japan’s Onsen atmosphere. Of course, you will experience of Japan's best service, which is called, "Kanaya-Style."

Hotel Natural Garden Nikko

Hotel Natural Garden Nikko is located near the shrines and
temples of Nikko, which have been designated as world heritage
It is only a few of Western-style hotels in Nikko, and nocturnal illumination at the hotel creates a romantic and fantastic scenery.

Kinugawa Onsen Hotel

Kinugawa Onsen Hotel with all its modern amenities is perfect resort for a relaxing holiday in the popular spa town of Kinugawa Onsen. It has been in business for 79 years, and is recogized as "where people can experience the good old days of Japanese-Onsen culture." Easy access from Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Asakusa districts of TOKYO by Tobu Railway Line and J.R. Line.

Nikko Green Hotel Natsukashiya Fuwari

With the catch phrase, "Memory of Sweet Hometown," the hotel,
Nikko Green Hotel Natsukashiya Fuwari, is holding a
variety of good-surprising events with the staffs' whole heart.
Idyllic setting with the staffs' warm-hospitalities makes a very good impression of good old Japanese life. You may feel a tremendous
relief at the hotel.

Kinugawa Plaza Hotel

Kinugawa Plaza Hotel is located right on the Kinugawa River.
You may be under the illusion as if the Kinugawa river were running toward you, because the hotel has a unique shape, during your stay. Plus, night veiwing of illuminated Kinugawa river is just amazing, and you can see its fantastic night veiwing only at the hotel.

Koduchinoyado Tsurukame Daikichi

Tsurukame Daikichi is very best located for sightseeing;
Only 3min walk to Toshogu Shrine. Plus, the concept and idea
of the hotel is very unique: "the hotel that brings customers' good fortune." Moreover, the hotel's char-grilled Japanese Cuisine has garnered high praise. You will find you have never stayed at such
a fun-filled Hotel.

Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki

Located no more than 2min walk from Kunigawa Onsen Station, Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki has opened since September of 2009.With a wide variety of meals of buffet which the cheffs are making infront of you, your dining is just great!Plus, the Hotel Mikazuki provides the ample choice of Onsen including whitened color bathing and clear and colorless bathing in a public bathing area. Moreover, full-body skin-scrubbing is available in the hotel.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Founded in 1873, the Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the oldest western-style resort hotel in Japan.
Rooms are spacious and have Comfortable beds and functional bathroom.
Back then, many very important guests visited this resort hotel : Dr. Albert Einstein , Helen Keller , Frank Lloyd Wright, also the Emperor of Japan.
You can feel the history of the hotel from the stately building.
Very conveniently located very close to Toshogu shrine, the world heritage site.


Asaya is one of the most popular Japanese style hotels in the popular Onsen Town of Kinugawa. About 40m/131ft high vault great lobby is recognizeable as "the luxuary hotel." Yes, The hotel absolutely produces a high quality service as well. Plus, rooftop open-air bathing will give you sweeping views of the Onsen-town of Kinugawa. As many as 60 kinds of meals are prepared for your buffet dinner.Finally, the hotel puts some effort into the entertainment for your stay; Chinese acrobats performs everyday!

Hotel Seikoen

Hotel Seikoen is a Japanese traditional hotel, located on the ground
of the Toshogu Shrine; you may enable to go to the Shrine for only 5min
walk. Besides, You will be impressed with the beautiful view from the bathing area; Open-Air bathes are located in the Hotel's Japanese garden.

Yamashiro Ya

Yamashiroya is located along Yunishi River in the place of the legend of the Heike refugee, and its all rooms are faced to the river. Plus, traditional Japanese style barbecue, which was made up in Samurai period (around 11th century), is served with their pride, and guests will enjoy their dinners with great impressive.

Nikko Senhime-monogatari Inn

★Hotel provides japanese style service and great location.
Nikko Senhime Monogatari, the modern Ryokan, is drawn on the concept of good old glamorous Japanese beauty.
You will receive very generous hospitality, and have relishable Japanese dining with varying seasonally. Moreover, each guest room faces the Otani River; you wil be relaxing any time you are staying at the Hotel.

Irodoriyashiki Hana to Hana

Located across from the Yudonosan shrine, which is a main shrine
of the Yunishigawa, the Irodoriyashiki Hana to Hana is surrounded with the beautiful nature including great valley; great natures are viewable from all guest rooms. The Best enchantment is their Japanese Onsen bathingareas. They do have 11 bathing areas including Open-air bathing areas; all guests can enjoy a great view of nature while taking great Onsen. Plus, old Japanese style barbecue dinner is just amazing; fresh deer meat, wild plants, mushrooms and some others are served around an open hearth, which is called “Okaribayaki.”

Kinugawa Park Hotels

"To keep in touch with nature." This is the theme of Kinugawa
Park Hotels.
The location of the hotel is just perfect for feeling
of being connected to nature. The views from the hotel including
guest rooms are spectacular; hotel is adjacent to the Valley of
Kinugawa.Plus, the hotel is conveniently located only a short walk
away from the station.

Taira no Takafusa

The hotel, Taira no Takafusa, is located at the most
remote-part of Yunishigawa Onsen Area. With surrounded
great nature of Yunishigawa, the hotel has confidence in its
open-air bathes with fresh air. Yes, 4 seasons are very distinct especially in this area; the great river of Yunishi with nature
gratifies guest's senses. Moreover, the hotel is very quaint
Japanese-style architecture with a great elegance, and has
a lot of unique items such as irori (open hearth). Plus, You
will be impressed happily with old Japanese style barbecue
dinner, named “Okaribayaki,” and wild animal based hot pot,
which is called “Kemono Nabe.”

Nikko Lakeside Hotel

Nikko Lake Side Hotel is a comfortable hotel on theshore of
Lake Chuzenji.Since 1894, numerous people have been here for relieving days' fatigue. The Hotel takes great pride in Western Style guest room and a fine French dinner. None the less to say, sodium
sulfate and hydrogen sulfide mixured Onsen is favorable notice
amongst all kinds of users as treating rheumatism and diabetes.