NIKKO PASS all area

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the world heritage, the great beautiful nature of Japan and hot springs in the Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen area.
It's very convenient for exclusive use by foreign visitors to Japan, as you can take both buses and trains only with it.

・Validity Period:4 Days
・Entrance fees to "Nikko shrines and temples" are not included.


Adults(Age of 12+~)Child(Age of 6~12)
April 20 to November 304,600yen1,180yen
December 1 to April 194,230yen1,060yen

The price of unlimited train and bus transportation within the area at right and one round-trip limited express train ticket is normally 11,860 yen for adults, but with this special pass the price is just 6,960 yen!!

Zones included in the travel pass (1 round-trip between Asakusa and Shimo-Imaichi)

  • ・All Tobu Bus lines in Nikko
  • ・Nikko Edomura shuttle bus
  • ・Nikko-Kinugawa Onsen Bus(only on days SL is in operation)
  • ・Akechidaira Ropeway *1
  • ・Lake Chuzenji sightseeing cruise *2
  • ・Hybrid bus(Odashirogahara area access bus)*3
  • ・All Tobu Railway lines between Shimo-Imaichi, Tobu-Nikko and Shin-Fujiwara stations

  •     *1 Not in operation between March 1 and 15 due to maintenance
  •     *2 Period of operation: mid-April to November 30, not in operation on June 18
  •   When ridding Lake Chuzenji sightseeing cruise, please stop by the ticket counter.
  •     *3 Period of operation: mid-April to November 30

Facilities with discount admission

  • ・Tobu World Square
  • ・Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura


  • 20% discount on Limited Express SPACIA and Revaty express fees and compartment room fees!
  • Those who have purchased the NIKKO PASS all area can ride the Limited Express SPACIA or Revaty after purchasing express tickets at the discount price within the validity period of the NIKKO PASS all area.
  • Discounts on tourist facilities and rides!
  • Pass provides special benefits, including discount services, at various facilities in Nikko and Kinugawa.
  • Discounts at souvenir shops and restaurants, too!
Nikko AreaKinugawa Onsen Area
  • ・Nikko Natural Science Museum
  • ・Nikko Kirifuri Skate Center (outdoor rink in the winter)
  • ・Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko
  • ・Nikko Astraea Hotel
  • ・Tobu World Square
  • ・Kinugawa Koen Iwaburo
  • ・EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura
  • ・Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway
  • ・Monkey Mountain
  • ※Discount tickets vary by season. Please be advised that there are some facilities that cannot be used in winter, and others that are only available in winter. Changes to facilities and contents are subject to change without notice.

    Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen Area
  • 10% discount on purchases of over ¥1,000 at stores with this symbol.
  • *Not applicable to alcohol and tobacco. Some restrictions apply.


    area map

    See Bus Route MAP
    Valid for only 1 round trip between Asakusa and Shimo-imaichi. Unlimited rides in all other sections.

    Purchase online


    • ※Please make sure to read before making a reservation.
    • ・Online reservation must be completed from at least 2 days in advance of your departure.
    • ・To receive the reserved tickets or to purchase the discount passes, customers may come to "Tobu Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA" located in Tobu Asakusa station.(Reserved tickets can not be mailed by post.)
    tourist information center asakusa

    Tobu Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA Address:1-4-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
    Business Hours:7:20a.m. - 07:00p.m.
    All year round
    Please Notes
    • ・Validity Period: 4 Days
    • ・Admission ticket for two shrines and one temple in Nikko are not included.
    • ・Pass is good only for the ordinary trains.(There is no direct ordinary train to Nikko. You need to change trains   on the way.) To board the limited express train, please purchase a limited express ticket separately.
    • See Train Schedule